Career Plan FAQs (52)

The plan outlines how Beauty Advisors earn money each month through personally selling products, as a result of sales made by the Beauty Advisors and Crush Insiders on their Team.

A term used to describe an independent businessperson working with, not an employee of, Willing Beauty.

A Beauty Advisor (Level 0) and their Beauty Advisors Level 1 through 4.

A Beauty Advisor (Level 0) and all their Beauty Advisors down through all levels.

The layers of Downline Beauty Advisors in a Beauty Advisor’s organization. The relationship of a Beauty Advisor relative to an Upline Beauty Advisor. The Level is determined by the number of Beauty Advisors between them who are related by a Mentor. For example, if A mentors B, who mentors C, who mentors D, who mentors E, then E is on A’s fourth level.

The Beauty Advisor who is directly above another Beauty Advisor on a Team.

The Beauty Advisor(s) above a Beauty Advisor in the genealogy up to Willing Beauty. It is the genealogy that links any Beauty Advisor to Willing Beauty.

Willing Beauty’s overall organizational structure that indicates where Beauty Advisors are assigned to be mentored.

The Retail Sales Commission (or “Commission” as used in the Policies & Procedures) is the profit earned by a Beauty Advisor for retail sales made to Retail Customers and Crush Insiders. When a purchase is made online using a Beauty Advisor’s Personal Web Page (PWP), the Retail Sales Commission is a percentage of the amount a customer is charged at the retail price less any discounts (like Golden Heart Rewards). When a Beauty Advisor makes a sale from their personal inventory, the Retail Sales Commission is the amount paid by the customer less the wholesale amount the Beauty Advisor paid for the product.

Your Retail Sales Commission for your enrollment month (month 0) and the one calendar month (month 1) that follows will be determined by the Personal Volume of your first order. Beauty Advisors with Enrollment Sets that generate 250 PV or more will earn a commission of 30% in month 0 and month 1. Beauty Advisors with starter orders that generate less than 250 PV will earn a commission of 25% in month 0. After month 0, commission will be determined by PV generated the prior month – Beauty Advisors with under 250 PV will earn 25% commission on retail sales, Beauty Advisors with PV of 250 or greater will earn 30% commission on retail sales.

Your Retail Sales Commission will be determined each month by the PV generated in the previous month. If your previous calendar month PV is less than 250, your commission for the current month will be set at 25%. If a Beauty Advisor generates PV of 250 or greater, the following month’s commission will be set at 30%.

PV stands for Personal Volume. Personal Volume (PV) is a point value assigned to each commissionable product sold. Personal Volume is typically associated with the lowest wholesale price of a product and represents the money collected by Willing Beauty Company, and therefore, available to pay out Team Bonuses. Business supplies and Customer rewards are not assigned Personal Volume.

In order to receive the benefits of a Career Title (Paid-As Title), the PV for that Career Title (Paid-As Title) must be achieved each month.


A Personally Sponsored Qualified Beauty Advisor is someone who was personally sponsored by you, generates a minimum of 75 PV in any given month and is in your Level 1-4 mentor tree.

A Personal Sponsor is an active Origami Owl  Designer or WBC Beauty Advisor who was designated by a new enrolling Crush Insider as the person who introduced them to WBC and helped them enroll in the company. It is often misunderstood as someone who is sponsoring or mentoring someone on a day-to-day basis; however Personally Sponsoring is a single event that happens at enrollment, and the designated Personal Sponsor can never be changed.

A Beauty Advisor who satisfies the minimum Personal Volume requirement of 75 PV, as set forth in the Career Plan, is an “Active Beauty Advisor.”

An Active Beauty Advisor is someone who satisfies the minimum Personal Volume requirement of 75 PV in at least one of three consecutive calendar months. A Qualified Beauty Advisor is someone who satisfies the minimum Personal Volume requirement of 75 PV in a given month.


For example, Jill produces 75 PV in June, then 11 PV in July and 69 PV in August. Jill would be Active for all three months, but only Qualified in the month of June.

Beauty Advisors must meet a monthly minimum requirement of 75 PV in at least one full calendar month of every 3 consecutive calendar months to be considered Active by their Upline for qualification. Beauty Advisors are also required to remain an Active Beauty Advisor receiving commissions and maintaining a Team (Downline).

Every Beauty Advisor is expected to generate a minimum of 75 PV each month to remain a Qualified Beauty Advisor for purposes of the Career Plan. If a Beauty Advisor fails to generate at least 75 PV in any calendar month, they are in danger of becoming an Inactive Beauty Advisor, and they have that month, plus the next month, to return to generating at least 75 PV per month to remain an Active Beauty Advisor.

As a Beauty Advisor, if you do not generate 75 PV or greater in one full calendar month of every 3 consecutive calendar months, you will lose your career title, which is your highest achieved title, and you will be restored back to a Crush Insider. In addition, you will lose your Downline and the benefit of receiving a retail sales commission, and you will no longer be able to sponsor new Beauty Advisors.