Career Plan FAQs (52)

A Direct Beauty Advisor is any Beauty Advisor who is in Level 1 on the Team of another Beauty Advisor, including any Beauty Advisor who is personally sponsored, inherited or otherwise placed in the Level 1 Team.

A Beauty Advisor can be sponsored by your Upline, but assigned to you by that Upline Leader, and you would then be that new Beauty Advisor’s Mentor. Additionally, you could have an Annie assigned to you if you meet the qualifications.

A Beauty Advisor with a large team may not have the time required to sufficiently mentor a new Beauty Advisor. They have the option to assign that new Beauty Advisor to a new Mentor in the first four levels of their Downline within their enrollment month. This also helps foster team growth, and develop new Team Leaders.

The Beauty Advisor would earn a Sponsoring Bonus for all PV generated by the new Beauty Advisor placed under a Mentor on Levels 1-3, and would earn PV for Beauty Advisors placed in their organization. Additionally, by placing new Beauty Advisors under new Mentors, the Beauty Advisor is fostering the growth of their Downline by helping Downline team members earn Mentoring Bonuses on those they did not Sponsor.

If a Beauty Advisor becomes Inactive at any time, their account will be transitioned to a Crush Insider, and they will forfeit their Downline, and all members of the Downline will roll up to the Beauty Advisor’s Mentor. This is considered an inherited Beauty Advisor. (Also referenced as a “Roll Up”)

The Director Generation Bonus is paid to Directors, and all ranks above Director, on volume generated by Directors on their Team (even those below Levels 1-4). For details regarding Director Generation Bonus amounts and qualifications, please refer to the Career Plan.

Yes, assuming you meet the other qualifications, you will receive the Sponsoring Bonus for this reassign, as well as the Mentor Bonus at their level, provided they are in your Levels 2-4.

If you have a Beauty Advisor in your team who already had a career title of Team Leader when they rolled up to you, they will not count as a Direct Team Leader for you, but they will count toward your Total Team Leaders (you actually need more total Team Leaders than you do Direct Team Leaders as you advance), and they will generate Generation Bonuses for you if you qualify for Generation Bonus, and help that Team Leader to become a Director.

Beauty Advisors that roll up to your Level 1allow you the potential to earn more Team Volume than before, as more of their corresponding organization rolls on to your Team and into your pay range. However, they will not be considered Personally Sponsored Qualified Beauty Advisors (unless you were their Sponsor and you placed them under another Mentor on your team). Beauty Advisors that roll up to your Level 1 and then advance to Team Leader, will qualify as Direct Team Leaders and will contribute to your Team Volume. If a Beauty Advisor rolled up to you at Team Leader rank goes Inactive, they are transitioned back to a Crush Insider. If they become a Beauty Advisor again, and promote to Team Leader, they will qualify as one of your Direct Team Leaders again.

The new Mentor will begin earning PV and bonuses for Roll-ups the first day of the month in which the Beauty Advisor rolled up.

Yes! We are confident you will love the product so much that you will make the decision to devote yourself to your Willing Beauty business alone, so we do not have a competitor list. Please keep in mind, you may not promote any other company alongside your Willing Beauty business.


For more information on what is considered cross-promotion, please see section 10.2 of our Policies and Procedures.

For your Sponsor, you will contribute to their Sponsor Bonus, regardless of which company they are with and their Personally Sponsored Qualified count, only if they’re Active in the same company(ies) as you are.


For your Mentor, you will contribute to their Mentor Bonus, their Direct Team Leader count (if you are on their Level one (1)), their Total Team Leader count, and their Team Volume in the company you are both representing.