Form 1099-MISC FAQs (6)

The Form 1099-Misc reports certain types of payments made during the tax year to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Willing Beauty will send a copy of the Form 1099-Misc to the recipient and the IRS. For additional information concerning the Form 1099-Misc, consult your tax professional or visit the Internal Revenue Service’s website,

Beauty Advocate who earned $600 or more in commission payments, incentive bonuses or awards during the previous calendar year and/or have obtained 5,000 PV (Personal Volume) or more of Willing Beauty products at wholesale price will receive a Form 1099-Misc. If a Beauty Advocate purchased $5,000 or more of products at wholesale price, Box 9 on the 1099 will be checked.

The total dollar amount of products that were purchased at wholesale price will not appear on the 1099. Beauty Advocates are responsible for determining and reporting their PV totals to the IRS. Determining the amount of PV can be done through Willing Beauty Central (Back Office) under Commissions > My PV. For additional information, consult your tax professional or visit the Internal Revenue Service’s website,

Beauty Advocates who did not meet the minimum requirements to receive a Form 1099-Misc are still required to report earnings to the IRS and should consult a tax professional for assistance.

All 1099-Misc forms will be postmarked and mailed by the U.S. Postal Service on or before January 31 in accordance with IRS regulations.

The 1099-Misc forms will be issued to the name and tax ID number on file in Willing Beauty Central as of early January in the current year. We encourage all Beauty Advocates to review the information in their Willing Beauty Central to ensure accuracy and make appropriate changes when needed. Updates to accounts should be done by contacting CGSupport at

Beauty Advocates can access their commission summary through Willing Beauty Central.

  • Log into Willing Beauty Central (Back Office) and hover over Commissions > Commissions.
  • On your Commission Summary page, you will see a drop-down field called Current Commissions. Select the date range from the drop-down menu. Your commission summary will appear below in a table.
  • You will not be able to generate one commission summary report for the entire year. To determine your commissions for the entire year, you will need to generate a commission summary report for each monthly and weekly period individually, then add them together.

You can access your order summary through Willing Beauty Central, allowing you to calculate your YTD purchases.

  • Log into your Beauty Advocate Back Office and hover over Commissions and select My PV.
  • To determine YTD purchases, you will need to add your Beauty Advocate wholesale orders together individually.