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Golden Heart Rewards can be used for FREE product! Every 100 GHR is redeemable for $1 of free product. You may use your credits to partially pay for an order, or save them up and use them on a full order.

Example: Crush Insider purchases the HY+5 Regimen at $138, that earns them 1,380 GHR, redeemable for $13.80 in FREE product!

No. Crush Insiders can redeem as many or as few points at a time.

*Note: GHR are only redeemable on one-time orders (not No-Brainer Replenishment orders).

Golden Heart Rewards do not expire if the Crush Insider remains active, meaning they order at least $1 per year.

Yes! When a Crush Insider earns 3,500 lifetime GHR, they’re invited to become a Beauty Advisor at NO COST or obligation.

Beauty Advisors earn cash rather than Golden Heart Rewards (GHR) on their referrals’ purchases through our Career Plan – plus they get wholesale pricing for their own purchases. It’s up to you, you can accept the invitation or stick with being a Crush Insider and continue to earn GHR!

Everyone! There’s no cost or obligation to join, aside from accepting the Terms and Conditions.


A Crush Insider is a Customer who has joined in The Crush Club to earn Golden Heart Rewards (GHR) from their purchases and their referrals’ purchases. Customers do not earn GHR.

Being part of The Crush Club is FREE! When you sign up to be a Crush Insider, you will begin earning Golden Heart Rewards (GHR) on your own purchases, plus you’ll be able to choose a Personal Web Page (PWP) (think of it as a referral link) to share it with others to begin earning GHR on their purchases too. It’s that simple!

A Crush Insider must agree to the Terms and Conditions and purchase a minimum of $1 per year to remain active.

If you do not already have an account on WillingBeauty.com, simply click Join > The Crush Club > Join Now and you’ll see the option to “Create an Account.” During account creation, you’ll see a box to check to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

*If you already have an account on WillingBeauty.com, simply login and accept the Crush Insider Invite by entering your Personal Web Page (PWP) name.

Log into WillingBeauty.com and visit My Rewards > Golden Heart Rewards. This will show you the GHR earned and redeemed history.

Yes, all purchases will round down to the nearest dollar amount before calculating Golden Heart Rewards.

No.  You will be able to redeem any points that were leftover before you became a Beauty Advisor.  As a Beauty Advisor, you will earn commission as opposed to Golden Heart Rewards.

No. You may redeem your GHR as you earn them. To be invited to become a Beauty Advisor, you are required to reach 3,500 lifetime Golden Heart Rewards.

*GHR are not cashed in or redeemed when you accept the invitation to become a Beauty Advisor. Any unredeemed GHR will remain on your account until you redeem them.

Yes! If any product purchased with Golden Heart Rewards is returned, Golden Heart Rewards will be forfeited.

Visit WillingBeauty.com and select Join > then the Beauty Advisor drop-down. Select Become a Beauty Advisor then log into your Crush Insider Account.

A willing heart is happy to do what is right, and that means if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will take it back anytime and give you a full refund.   Your skin’s greatness is our guarantee!

All customers and Crush Insiders who purchase Willing or willa Beauty products are eligible for the 100% Happiness Guarantee.