No-Brainer Replenishment FAQs (18)

If you are setting up a No-Brainer Replenishment order for the first time, you will be able to apply a promo code during the checkout process. However, the promo code discount will only apply to your first shipment. Your subsequent replenishments will be processed at the usual price. At this time it is currently not possible to apply a promo code to an existing replenishment.

Your first No-Brainer Replenishment order will be charged on the day you set it up. All subsequent No-Brainer Replenishments will be charged on Fridays, based on your original order date and the frequency chosen. So, if you place you an order and setup your No-Brainer Replenishment on Wednesday, September 20 and select a 4 week frequency, your next order will ship on Friday, October 18.

The Customer is welcome to setup multiple No-Brainer Replenishment orders, or they can always edit their existing No-Brainer Replenishment order to have an earlier processing date.

As a Beauty Advocate, you have visibility into your level 1 Customers’ No Brainer Replenishments (NBRs) too! To access this report from your Back Office, visit Organization > Beauty Insider & Customer Replenishments. Here you can see the Next Process Date and Frequency for their next replenishment scheduled to process. Learn more about this and other No-Brainer Replenishment tips at:

In your Willing Beauty Central, you may see orders submitted by your Customers and Beauty Insiders by clicking on the My PV report under the Commissions menu in Willing Beauty Central.  Orders shown there will indicate if they are No-Brainer Replenishment or one-time.

A No-Brainer Replenishment (NBR) is an easy way to order and receive your favorite Willing Beauty products before you run out, without ever having to think about it!  It also gives you discounted shipping and instant 30% savings on regimens!  Prices in a Beauty Advocate’s order may fluctuate based on whether they are members of Willing Hearts Club.

All No-Brainer Replenishments (NBR) will ship for just $5 and receive an instant 30% savings on regimens! PLUS, enjoy a free gift in the second (2nd) replenishment order of a regimen. Unique packaging and other delightful features come with regimens on replenishment – these are not guaranteed or according to a specific schedule, but rather nice surprises!

Place an order for your favorite product(s) and select how often you wish to receive them (every 4, 6 or 8 weeks) during checkout, and that’s it, you’re all setup! Your credit card will be charged accordingly and products will arrive at your door just when you want them. Set it and forget it! But of course, you can always edit the product(s) in your order and change your delivery date or frequency in your account online – no need to call!

You may change or cancel your No-Brainer Replenishment order in your account any time, up to the day before the scheduled processing date at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT).

Of course!  If you are ever unhappy with any items ordered, please contact us for a full refund. The Care Team can be reached at 866-600-7525.

You may upgrade shipping with your first order of products that you set up on No-Brainer Replenishment, however, all subsequent orders will ship Standard with a $5 shipping fee.

All No-Brainer Replenishments will be charged the Friday following the original order date plus frequency selected and will ship after the credit card transaction is approved.

You may update your credit card at any time in your account (Willing Beauty Central).  If your card is declined, we will attempt to run it a second time. If you do not see your order process, please give us a call at 866-600-7525 so we can try it again!

Yes!  You may add any item to your No-Brainer Replenishment any time up to 7 days before the scheduled processing date.

Yes!  You may set up multiple No-Brainer Replenishments to deliver at different intervals.

Yes!  You may add any item to your No-Brainer Replenishment any time up midnight Central Time (CT) the day before the scheduled processing date.