Promotions (22)

Promotion codes are not eligible to be redeemed when joining as a Beauty Advocate, since each enrollment set is already heavily discounted (41% – 56% savings.)

If you are setting up a No-Brainer Replenishment order for the first time, you will be able to apply a promo code during the checkout process. However, the promo code discount will only apply to your first shipment. Your subsequent replenishments will be processed at the usual price. At this time it is currently not possible to apply a promo code to an existing replenishment.

Coming this fall, you’ll notice a new feature added to your Personal Web Page. We call it our “Refer-a-Friend” program. Powered by Talkable, a tool utilized by top brands such as TOMS®, Hello Fresh and Pura Vida Bracelets®, this cutting-edge, promotional pop-up will give your Customers and Beauty Insiders the chance to invite friends who have never shopped with Willing Beauty before to check out YOUR website and shop using a promotion code (discounts subject to change and offers may vary).

When your Customer refers someone through the Talkable “Refer-a-Friend” tool, who hasn’t shopped with Willing Beauty, the new potential Customer will receive a discount in the form of a promotional code to use on their first purchase. When that new Customer completes their first purchase, the Customer who referred them will receive a “thank you,” along with a promotional code and be linked back to your PWP (Personal Web Page) to shop. Successful referrals may result in two (2) orders on your PWP.

“Refer-a-Friend” program promotional codes are valid for one-time use and are for Retail and Beauty Insider orders only. Promotional code discounts are subject to change. See full Terms and Conditions for more details.

When your existing Customers refer new Customers to shop with Willing Beauty via the “Refer-a-Friend” tool, they will have the option to share an invite via email, Facebook or a website link that will contain the promotional code for new Customers to use on their first purchase. Promotional codes distributed via the “Refer-a-Friend” program are used the same way as all Willing Beauty promotional codes and should be entered at checkout to redeem the offer on qualifying orders.

*”Refer-a-Friend” program promotional codes are one-time use for Retail and Beauty Insider orders only. “Refer-a-Friend” program promotional codes are not eligible for Beauty Advocate Wholesale orders.

The website link via the “Refer-a-Friend” tool can be shared as many times as your Customers would like to share it (up to 500 new Customers per day, per IP Address). However, once your customer’s friend receives the link, they must validate that they are a new Willing Beauty Customer by providing an email address to receive their promotional code to redeem on their first order.

The promotional code itself is not attached to a Beauty Advocate’s PWP (Personal Web Page). However, the link that’s shared with the new Customer will be attached to the PWP . The new Customer can choose to use the promotional code with another preferred Beauty Advocate or directly on

The promotional code received from the “Refer-a-Friend” program can be combined with other promotional offers but cannot be used in combination with another promotion code. General promotional code exclusions apply.

Other promotional terms and conditions may apply.

If a new Customer places an order using a Beauty Advocate’s PWP, Beauty Advocates can view orders in their Back Office under Commissions > My PV.

Yes, if the new Customer shops on the Beauty Advocate’s PWP (Personal Web Page). Beauty Advocates will receive less the discount PV and commission when a promotional code from the “Refer-a-Friend” program is used.

Promotional code discounts/values will be marketed directly on the “Refer-a-Friend” promotional pop-up and are subject to change. Customers who share, and new Customers who purchase, will receive the value being promoted at the time of referral. All promotional codes distributed are one-time use for retail or Beauty Insider orders only on qualifying purchases. See full Terms and Conditions for more details.

No. Customers will only receive one (1) promotional code for each new person they refer who makes their first purchase with Willing Beauty.

Shortly after the new Customer places their first order, the Customer who referred them will receive a promotional code via email to the email account associated with the “Refer-a-Friend” tool. The time it takes for emails to be received may vary, as permitted by individual email service providers or website browsers being utilized.

All distributed and accessed promotional codes from the “Refer-a-Friend” program will expire within 90 days from date issued. However, codes that have not yet been retrieved will no longer be available once the promotional campaign has expired (promotional campaign lengths may vary). It is your Customer’s responsibility to save their code if they do not intend to use immediately. Willing Beauty cannot guarantee promotional codes that have not been retrieved once the promotional campaign they are generated from has ended.