The Crush Club + Golden Heart Reward FAQs (25)

Yes, all purchases will round down to the nearest dollar amount before calculating Golden Heart Rewards.

No.  You will be able to redeem any points that were leftover before you became a Beauty Advisor.  As a Beauty Advisor, you will earn commission as opposed to Golden Heart Rewards.

No. You may redeem your GHR as you earn them. To be invited to become a Beauty Advisor, you are required to reach 3,500 lifetime Golden Heart Rewards.

*GHR are not cashed in or redeemed when you accept the invitation to become a Beauty Advisor. Any unredeemed GHR will remain on your account until you redeem them.

Yes! If any product purchased with Golden Heart Rewards is returned, Golden Heart Rewards will be forfeited.

Visit and select Join > then the Beauty Advisor drop-down. Select Become a Beauty Advisor then log into your Crush Insider Account.