Why do you use dimethicone in your willa Face the Day and Willing Get Set SPF products? Does it make acne worse?

Ingredient selection is of paramount importance but we are equally rigorous in understanding the behaviors that stand between girls and women and embracing better-for-you skincare routines. Through exhaustive focus groups with girls and their moms we learned most didn’t like to wear sunscreen because it made them look like a ghost and was usually very sticky. Many told us they avoided the SPF step because they didn’t like the way sun protection looked or felt on their skin. Because of this we formulated with the silicone dimethicone, which is a synthetic ingredient that delivers a powdery dry “slip” and helps spread mineral sunscreen (which is generally white in color) easily while reducing the appearance of pores. But safety is of paramount importance to us. Only upon consulting with a team of chemists and researchers did we conclude it would cause little, if any, harm to human health.

Claims that silicones cause or worsen acne have not been substantiated in published research. But ultimately it is a personal preference and we encourage you to respect their difference of opinion and know that at Willing Beauty, we remain steadfast in formulating products that are safer for women of all ages.